The Three Musketeers

I can explain this. Really.

Found under the freeway overpass in Renton, WA.

It’s not a cover. In fact, it’s that thing that all book lovers hate and fear with every fiber of their beings: a destroyed book.

Why would I post this? Good question. Here’s an answer: I am a photographic collector of the detritus left on sidewalks. When I’m walking (which I sadly don’t do as much now that I’m driving), anytime I see something like this dropped book, or a piece of graffiti, or even an interesting arrangement of leaves – I take a picture. It combines my love of old, neglected things, photography, and the strange.

This particular photo was a complete fluke. At the time, I was still using public transit everywhere and had to catch the bus in the opposite direction from multiple usual route. It was raining and the light was sliding into dusk. This flash of white against the darkness of the wet pavement caught my eye. I stopped to investigate and realized that it was a book. I leaned over and peered at the edges of the pages to see the title.

The Three Musketeers. 

I love that book. Aside from just plain liking the story it tells, I have the fondest memory of reading it for the first time. 

When my sister was pregnant with my oldest nephew, we were roommates. And each night after dinner we would take turns reading Alexander Dumas’ classic adventure tale to each other.

I was already intrigued by the book itself. I wondered who had dropped it and how long it had been there. But to see the title brought back a flood of really happy memories of spending quality time with my sister that (rightly so) disappeared once my nephew was born. 

There was no way that I was walking away from this forgotten time without making a record of it.

It’s a long answer but every time I see this photo it makes me think of that walk and of reading with my sister on dark fall evenings while we waited for my nephew to be born.

So, just in case you only come here for the book covers, here’s one by re:design. Sadly, it’s not an actual book cover, but it would make a great one.

Seriously, this should be a thing. Shouldn't it?

I WANT this to be an actual book cover. Are you reading this Penguin?

The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. 

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