Onyx & Ivory 

I’m currently reading this YA title which concerns a world called Rime where flightless dragons snack on travelers caught outside walled strongholds after dark. “Traitor” Kate is an ex-noble, hiding an outlawed magical gift, and whose father tried to assassinate the King, is now scratching out a living as a Rider, delivering mail and packages between strongholds during daylight hours when the  nightdrakes are inactive. Corwin is the secondary prince that is on a tour of the kingdom and has just entered Farhold, where we learn that he and Kate once may have been a thing. 

The book jacket blurb says that Corwin will be the only survivor of a daytime attack by nightdrakes. The pair will have to figure out why and how to stop it from happening again. I’m about 40 pages in; I’ve been introduced to the two main characters, their personal struggles, and the plot setup. I’m looking forward to seeing how this idea plays out through the book. So far it’s been a pretty engaging read. 
The gorgeous cover caught my attention while I was browsing online. I immediately put in a request for it to be added to the Tacoma Public Library catalogue (full disclosure: I work for TPL)… And? Success. Define a request worth making! You can check request it here. 

The book is Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett

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