The Illustrators – Leo & Diane Dillon


My favorite Illustrators of all time! There are really not enough good things I can say about the Dillons… Their art is by turns bold, ethereal, wild with color, soft, sharp, and exotic. They use a unique and easily identifiable multimedia technique that almost never fails to illicit a deep sense of wonder in me.

I’d seen their work on a lot if different books prior to my first conscious encounter…


I couldn’t stop looking at the cover. I had to know why that spooky, clawed phantom was doing menacing this seeemingly calm girl. At the time I was at Borders in the children’s department. The first time I saw it, I was stocking books and I flipped it open to read the jacket blurb. I put it down. But every time I walked by or stocked that book, I picked it up. Eventually, I succumbed… and it was all because of the cover.

I’m am such a fan that I routinely buy books that I know nothing about based on the fact that their artwork is on the cover. I’m rarely disappointed.

If you’d like to check out a fairly comprehensive sampling of this fantastic husband and wife illustrating team, take a look at The Art of Leo and Diane Dillon, a blog by a woman named Anne. She loves them even more than I do!

The Wind Child by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Illustrated by The Dillons


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