Favorite Five – Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen


OK, so technically I should have put this one first. Especially since it’s a trilogy that begins with an A. However, I’m cheating a little… I’m starting with the title if the first book in the trilogy. Also, you may think I’m cheating by putting the whole trilogy in. Well, as my new friend Bentley Little described it to me, sequels don’t count as seperate stories. He’s got a point. So, yeah. Its all three.

The Abhorsen trilogy starts out with a girl named Sabriel, who lives and goes to school in the non-magic country of Ancelstierre but was born and partially raised in the magical Old Kingdom, finding out that her father, the Abhorsen is probably dead. Instead of his usual visit, she recieves his bells of office…

I could say more but no one should be robbed of the joy of reading Garth Nix at the top of his game. I reread this entire trilogy at least once a year. If you haven’t already… Garth Nix delivers the goods. Three times running!

Just in case I’ve never mentioned it, I’m a HUGE fan of Leo & Diane Dillon, the husband and wife team that illustrated these covers. They’ve been doing some impressive artwork for science fiction, fantasy, children’s, and literary works since the 1960’s. One thing beyond the beauty inherent beauty in the work itself that impresses me immensely: I’ve yet to read a book with their art on the cover that I didn’t like. That’s saying something.


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