Favorite Five – Borderliners


This week I’m putting up my five favorite books, pretty much of all time. These are things that I pull off my shelf and reread over and over and over again. Since I refuse to number this list (THIS one is #1, etc), I’m putting them up in alphabetical order.

First up: Borderliners by Peter Höeg.

What can I say about this book? It’s chilling, heartbreaking, and stunningly brutal. In it a man, also named Peter, now married with a child, recounts a period in his early adolescence at a Danish school in the early 70’s. Throughout the novel, Peter’s sanity is question but he also leaves the reader with a striking sense of how isolated and powerless children can be. Almost nothing I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot) has moved me on such a visceral level. I highly recommend it.

A note about the cover art: My edition had a different cover… But this one’s nicer, so that’s what I’m serving up. 😉


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