Domino: The Book Of Decorating


Almost anyone that loves shelter mags will tell you what a nightmare the last two years have been. Nearly every major interiors magazine has disappeared off newsstands with little recovery at all in the area. Instyle Home, Metropolitan Home, House And Garden…. those are just some of the casualties of the economic downturn on design magazines.

But the most beloved of all was a spunky little upstart that dared to not only show how to make your house look good but do it affordably too. Prices and sources for any given article’s contents were printed right alongside decorating tips and how tos. It truly was one of the best interiors magazines EVER.

Lucky for me (and all the rest of the world too) that before Domino’s untimely demise they left behind a handbook of the best tips and advice on styling a home… Thank God, too! Sometimes I just need my Domino fix!

Yesterday, I said that Ancient + Modern helped me realize my style. Domino, the magazine and the book, helped me refine it. Through these pages I’ve been able to find out for myself exactly what flavor of old and new decorating suits me best. I love them for that… and miss ’em like crazy.

Tomorrow… the masculine influence!

PS – I really love the cover of this book. Its pretty, classic… and will stand the test of time, I think.


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