Bad Marie – Book of the Day


So, today I’m commencing with another theme week. Only, this time, I’m not announcing my intentions in the title. Also, I’m probably not going to say much about them… probably. The truth is, as usual, that I’m not picking for content; I’m totally judging every single one by its cover.

Today, Bad Marie. Is she bad because she’s smoking? Is she bad because she’s in a dark room? Is she dastardly? Hard to say without that reviewers read through. And you know, we’re doing covers. So…

What I like is that she looks a bit like Audrey Tautou and that text halo around her head looks a bit like an off kilter tricorne and also not particularly bad (which are the ones you have to watch out for). So, yeah… she can be as bad as she wants to be. She gets my vote.


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